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Haven: A Strowlers Story

Eclaire and her little brother Dante are Strowlers, humans who have developed the ability to use magic. Normal human grew to fear Strowlers and a great amount of discrimination and abuse has been heaped upon them as a result. To escape the discrimination Eclaire takes her brother to Haven, a island micro nation in the south pacific that was founded by war refugees that has took an open stance of acceptance toward Strowlers. All is not as it seems however, as forces fight in the shadows, ARC, the U.S. government agency responsible for monitoring and controlling all magic related creatures including Strowlers, and Veritas a Pro Strowlers extremist group that fights for the rights of Strowlers all over the world. it does not take long before Eclaire and Dante get caught up in their conflicts. 

Earth is over populated and can't produce enough food to feed everyone. On the verge of war, the world leaders come together in an effort to stop the madness. Combining their resources, they come up with Project Exodus. A plan that would build four Colony Ships and send them out into the stars to four different possible habitable planets. You have been chosen to captain the HSF Polaris. Your mission: Reach the planet Morning Star with enough people and resources to sustain a colony. (This is a student project)

This is the Pitch Document that includes 3 cutscenes for a potential game of my creation  called Whispers of Tomorrow. Wot is a Sci-Fi/Fantasy RPG, for the PC/Mac and Console; it takes place in a post-apocalyptic future, in which the world has been invaded by a Mysterious Energy that infects and mutates the worlds non-sentient life forms into powerful demonic beings that hunger for human souls.

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WARLORDS is a Strategic Combat E-Card game set in a Historical Fantasy setting that puts Famous Warlords from history and their armies against each other.


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